House of CB

House of CB

Trackerteer has been powering House of CB since 2010.
Our focus was to enhance House of CB’s business flow by developing softwares to fit each aspect of their business.
Since its conception, Trackerteer have built and maintained the following:

  • eCommerce Website
  • Website Security
  • Point of Sales
  • Layout and Graphic Design
  • Timetracker and Payroll System
  • Worldwide Stock distribution
  • Introduced Job Tracker, a Business Management Tool that  -

    • Reduces (or eliminate) emails and phone calls
    • Manages task
    • Task planning and prioritizing
    • Store documentation in Clouds
    • Team collaboration made easy
    • Ease on Reporting
    • Project budgeting
    • Monitors each Project Task from A to Z!

Rocky Superdog

We are about to launch a POWERFUL pet-friendly website that has the following functionalities:

  • GPS Tracker, Locator
  • Reporting of Lost or Found pets wherein we alert the community within the radius
  • Donation with Paypal Integration
  • Social Media
  • State of the art Calendar / Appointment Setting
  • eCommerce & Shopping
  • Navigation of pet friendly places
  • Forums
  • Classified Ads
  • ...and a whole lot more!

Rocky Superdog
Point of Sales TILLS

Point of Sales TILLS

Our POS system are tailored to fit any business and client’s needs. We provide after-sales support to continuously improve your company’s operational efficiency.

Trackerteer POS offers power, reliability and ease of use. Our must-have capabilities includes

  • Quick and Comprehensive Sales Reporting
  • Easier Customer Management
  • Enhanced Inventory Management

Gravy Baby

Trackerteer developed a solid ALL-in-ONE platform for Gravy Baby that runs its entire restaurant business.
With its cloud-based architecture, the business owner can monitor the restaurant anytime, anywhere.
We developed and currently maintain the following for Gravybaby:

  • Inventory & Stock Control
  • Order Management
  • Payroll System
  • Quick and comprehensive Reporting
  • Stock Delivery Management
  • TimeTracker
  • Team Scheduler (Rota Shifts)
  • Human Resource System
  • Data Security
  • Layout and Graphic Design
  • GB DASH Ordering App - a mobile app that allows customers to order and track their delivery every single minute (AVAILABLE SOON!)

Gravy Baby
Rocky Superdog Adventure

Rocky Superdog Adventure

Crafted to perfection Game App.
Rocky Superdog is a cross-platform game app that offers:

  •   Social Media Login (with Facebook and Google account)
  •   In-app Notification and Push Notification
  •   In-app Purchase using iOS and Android as MOP
  •   High-definition illustration and design
  •   Smooth game play experience

House of CBoji

The CBoji app works in all messaging applications where the sharing of images and icons is supported.

  • App includes integrated QWERTY keyboard
  • Our in-house Graphic Designers illustrated each of the CBoji
  • Cross-platform - available for download in Google Play and App Store

House of CBoji
Face Timetracker

Face Timetracker

Facial recognition ensures the right person is present and clocked in at the right time.
This special Facial Recognition, Time Tracking device tracks each employee attendance in one user-friendly system.

  • A web-based application integrated with customization functions according to client's needs
  • Cross-platform - available for download in Google Play and App Store
  • Saves employee database with photos and staff information
  • Easy to view time in and out dashboard (daily, weekly and monthly view)
  • Easy to monitor each employee's leaves (vacation and sick)


Product Ordering App

Trackerteer’s Ordering App provides your customers a way to pay and order both quickly and easily.

  • Cross-platform - available for download in Google Play and App Store.
  • This self-service tool allows your customers to “shop” and send their order via your app or webshop.
  • Our user-friendly app and webshop let’s you customise products images, description, change prices, print invoices and order lists with ease. You can get started immediately!
  • Centralized Customer Management - All changes in the backoffice are implemented both in the apps and the webshop.
  • Trackerteer’s Ordering App let’s you track your delivery guy easily

Product Ordering App
Transport App

Transport App

Time-saving checking of vehicle which makes the daily checklist routine accurate

  • Daily Checklist convenience
  • Proper documentation of truck defects
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Has Facetime Tracking capabilities for added security
  • Quick and Comprehensive Sales Reporting
  • User friendly navigation
  • Produces offline reporting


GB Dash Ordering App (AVAILABLE SOON!)

A mobile app that allows customers to order and track their delivery in real time.

  • Satisfy your cravings, order food you love right then and there
  • Order and finish your transaction in a few easy steps
  • Track your food every-single-minute from the restaurant to where you are

GB Dash Ordering App (AVAILABLE SOON!)